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    27 Feb 2018
    One of the most common specialized account builds is the 1 Defence pure, a pure combat build with (obviously) 1 Defence, allowing the player to hit much
    Is there any good p2p pure guide that goes into detail what quests are needed, which diaries could be useful, what skills are required for all the.
    A Combat pure is a character whose combat stats are specifically trained in order to optimise performance in player-versus-player scenarios (Wilderness, Duel
    16 May 2013
    In the beginning, you should do all of the quests that give attack XP without defence. Training your attack25 Sep 2018
    11 Mar 2013 I’ve been looking around at the guide section and noticed that all of the Combat Pure – A player who’s main focus is to train combat skills
    24 Mar 2013
    Combat pures train specific combat skills, while deliberately keeping other combat It does not meet the RuneScape Wiki’s quality standards; you can edit this

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