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    Porcelain Chip Fix. Additional Supplies Needed: Safety glasses, rubber gloves, #400/#600 grit sand paper, abrasive cleaner like Comet® or Ajax®, scrubbing pad, paper towel, lacquer thinner. Directions: For Best Results: Apply multiple light coats. Working Time: 1 hour at room temperature. Cleaning: Wait 5 days before
    28 Mar 2017
    1 Sep 2017
    The Magic porcelain chip fix repair is a two part epoxy paint to repair tubs and sinks. It fills and repairs unsightly chips and scratches. It is easy to apply on sinks,
    Homax Porcelain Chip Fix repairs unsightly chips and scratches on porcelain coated metal, ceramic and enamel. Two-part epoxy and self-leveling formula
    Directions. Surface Preparation: Sand chip to smooth edges. Epoxy Preparation: Shake vials before use. (NOTE: VIAL 1 CONTAINS MORE WHITE EPOXY THAN OTHER VIAL WITH CLEAR HARDENER.) To Apply: Apply with brush in 2-3 light thin coats. Working Time: Up to 90 minutes at room temperature.
    9 Aug 2018 My Review of Homax’s Porcelain Chip Fix in a Sink In short, it didn’t work The directions on the package instruct you to freeze the remaining
    Buy Homax Group 2164 Porcelain Chip Fix, White: Epoxy Adhesives I followed the instructions and lived without a sink for a week and then less than 48 hours

    10 Dec 2016 Buy Homax Porcelain Chip Fix, White at Walmart.com. worry about the chip anymore if you sand out all the rust like the instructions say to do.Lightly sand inside of chip to smooth edges and ensure adhesion. Brush sealed bottle and store in freezer for later use. If more coats are needed, wait 4 hours, remove stored mix from freezer, allow 10 minutes to warm, and apply additional coat.

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